A History of Graphic Design: Chapter 60: Posters in Social Protests

"Power to the People: POWER & EQUALITY," social protest for the rights of African-Americans in graphic design posters. Silk screen poster designed by Shepard Fairey. Bold colors, simple shapes, and the lines really draw the eyes inward.

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Defend Equality, Love Unites

'Defend Equality, Love Unites', poster art by Shepard Fairey.

Graphis / Public Viewing | Social/Political Posters

This political poster was designed by Chamutal Leket for the Cactus Design Studio, and originates from Israel. This is a very well made poster due to the colours used. The black works well in contrast with the red.

Sedation Pill Poster by Shepard Fairey (February 15, 1970). I think the biggest problem in America is the indifference and complacency about important issues that results from much of the population being perpetually hypnotized by conspicuous consumption, social media, entertainment, and self-medication. January 10, 2013. via obeygiant

Signed Sedation Pill Shepard Fairey Poster Screen Print Obey Giant Art Millions

"Good Work Sister! We Never Figured You Could do a Man-Size Job, America's Women Have Met the Test" (1941-1945) WWII poster

"Good Work Sister - We never figured you could do a man-size job! America's Women Have Met The Test!" ~ Another horribly sexist WWII propaganda poster.

This poster is an example of how the government used media to manipulate the people into wanting to join war efforts. These posters were very effective in persuading people to join the army or help in other ways.

12 Months of Prepping: Month Five

Wake Up, America! - Vintage World War 1 era poster reads Wake Up America! Civilization calls every man woman and child. Lady Liberty in vintage historical colors of red white and blue.