You are my kaleidoscope by Serene Ng. Obra de arte encuadernada. Hilo, aguja, papel e innovación.

"You Are my kaleidoscope" by Serene Ng - Embroidered handmade book design.

"Definitivo". Fondo rosa fuerte akriliko. Añadir algunos elementos más

I like the mixed media feel of this one and the fact that it's black and white. And also that it features a human form, which goes along with our theme of Identity. (textiles- instead of white paper use muslin and hand stitch)

242 UCDM. Este día se lo dedico a lo inefable. Es el regalo que le hago.

jean faucheur (The Jealous Curator)

Dizzying collages, with an absolutely dreamy palette, by French artist Jean Faucheur. Um, does anyone know where I can get scissors to cut perfect circles?

Lynn Skordal - Mixed Media

Lynn Skordal uses a variety of media, including collage on paper and occasionally embroidery to create arresting pieces of contemporary art.

Cortar las fotos: la manipulación de la imagen original crea un estilo más interesante y único - Cut up photos: manipulating the original image creating a more interesting and unique style

remember the collage things I do when I was in year 12 in Art? Can apply it to fashion illustration art work as well. - Milly Ma // Cut up photos, manipulating the original image creating a more interesting and unique style

Giulia Sagramola y Giusi Quarenghi nos sugieren en 'Sonno gigante, sonno piccino' (Topipittori) que el sueño, la invención y el juego van unidos.

Giulia Sagramola and Giusi Quarenghi publish Sonno gigante, sonno piccino with Topipittori to suggest that the timing of sleep and the game ranging from the invention in pairs, in the twilight time without granting the dreams of every child.

American painter Titus Kaphar “I’ve always been fascinated by history – how history is written, recorded, distorted, exploited, reimagined, and understood. In my work I explore the materiality of reconstructive history. I paint and I sculpt...reconfiguring them into works that nod to hidden narratives and begin to reveal unspoken truths about the nature of history... investigate the power of a rewritten history.”

American artist Titus Kaphar paints gorgeous pieces that remind me of my Art History text books… which he then he cuts up and rearranges into modern masterpieces that tell an entirely new story

clever paper art.

Amazing Paper Art This is simply awesome! I love the use of negative space in this. Its also interesting because our shadow light project was very similar to this art.

Con sede en Berlín artista Nike Schroeder me ha desmayado sobre su serie, Informes Fundamentales

"Berlin based artist Nike Schroeder has me swooning over her series, Fundamental Reports. Her images are inspired by vintage photographs {usually from the & "