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Ugh, every weekend EVER! Lol, the funny thing is, I always have homework and I don't feel like doing that either.

Play the MASH Game online - 1D Edition!

Play the MASH Game online - Edition! I met Niall and we got married. We lived in a shack and had 3 kids. We moved to Puerto Rico and had 3 kids. I worked as a dance teacher until i turned 65 and retired.


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Random FYIs

Some Best LifeHacks! Some are pretty weird but others are pretty smart! 'If you're ever being buried alive tie your shirt around your head'. I'll TOTALLY remember that if I'm ever buried alive!

Gotcha there zayn

I don't know whether to cry or laugh>>>>lol>>>>haha>>>he just got BURNED>>>great job jamie!


We haven't met yet. And he haven't met a fan he is interested in. Hm, probably and accident, yeah, yeah.