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Fabric manipulation and textile design - by Marit Jujiwara fabric textile manipulation fashion design inspiration

Extended by Gilber Franco, via Behance

Using a hand-picked assortment fashion stills, Colombian Art Director Gilber Franco manipulates the oft-generic photo form into a slurred revision that invokes the spirit of carnival mirrors.

tumblr_mmjeshWZdz1rvw2qpo1_500.jpg (500×647) - could do a cut up chaotic sample and then a fixed puzzle like sample to show mother fixing your feelings

vvolare: “ "Ghost of A.I," acrylic on paper Bo Christian Larsson - 2012 ”

Maiko Takeda - Home

London-based fashion designer’s Maiko Takeda’s latest collection, “Atmospheric Reentry” is more like a series of wearable sculptures. Slivers of ultra-thin plastic extend from the garments

'Have A Nice Day' Jennis Li Cheng Tien - an ongoing project with a series of digitally distorted collages containing pictures sourced from the internet.

Beautiful, wish it was a real painting though - ongoing project by Jennis Li Cheng Tien. They aren’t real paintings but digitally distorted collages made with images sourced from the internet

Anita Hirlekar CSM BA 2012 detail

Anita Hirlekar CSM BA 2012 detail

What Katie Did: Knit Krazy

When browsing the Internet recently I came across this opening statement to a Craig Lawrence interview with Vicki Loomes "Knitwear has .