Washington Square by Andre Kertesz.

André Kertész, Washington Square, Winter, 1954 / From the Cleveland Museum of Art: he pioneered the use of a small, handheld camera to capture events as they happened.

André Kertész

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One of the greatest enemies of happiness of enjoying life is the intrusion of loneliness. Shelby Foote foto : Estate of Andre Kertesz/Stephen Bulger Gallery via the archive

André Kertész, Untitled (Vanessa Harwood: principle, NBC), 1981. Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto (via).

varietas: “André Kertész: Untitled, Toronto, 1981 Vanessa Harwood, principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada ”

Andre Kertesz  Painting his shadow  1927

Shadow ad design elemwnt in composition - Andre Kertesz Painting his shadow 1927

Colette, Paris, 1930, Andre Kertesz.

“What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.” ― Colette Photograph: Andre Kertesz, Colette, Paris, via poboh