What to do with all those foreign coins you've saved?!

Coin Art - foreign coin collection I LOVE this idea. Im slowly collecting foreign coins thrown in the tip jar at work, I think theyre really nifty and beautiful. Might not even wait for enough for a big frame, just get ittle ones to fill up :)


Cá com meus Botões...

From: 25 DIY Projects using Embroidery Hoops. -- I promisd myself that I'd have a wall clock in every room by the end of the year. This one will be perfect for my office/sewing/crafts room!


Handmade doily light: lace doilies over a large round punching balloon. Painted with water & white glue.

Coin Art- for all the foreign coins

Coin Art- for all the foreign coins- definately gonna make something like this…

The Peacock Native Woven Dreamcatcher by eenk on Etsy

The Peacock Native Woven Dreamcatcher

Handpainted tree rings homeschool room

Hand painted tree rings - would recommend putting all tree rings on a board (which could be painted a coordinating color to add pop to the art piece. Really neat idea for after school kids. Might just do 9 rings in a square frame!