~where words fail, music speaks~
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the way his expression changes with each head flick (◔◡◉)

Hobi changing expressions while dancing is my new favorite thing. Boy is a dance king undeed and an amazing performer.

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jungkook’s oversized shirts aren't oversized anymore are they… (I can't I'm literally dying, JUST LOOK AT HIM!

Aka Agust D

Has anybody else noticed the two sides of this beautiful human being. There’s Min Yoongi and then theres Suga. I love Min Yoongi, he’s cute and cuddly and makes me happy.

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✧・゚:ιη тнε мσσ∂ ғσя үσυηgвαε:゚・✧'s ℓσcкscяεεηs, ε∂ιтs, εтc

SugaSuite - [HD] BTS x You Never Walk Alone - Wall Paper if...

[HD] BTS x You Never Walk Alone - Wall Paper “if you find the watermark… please don’t take it out. thanks!

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