Sweater Letter C, 2011

Embroidered series Sewn type + winter sweaters = our new alphabet series called Sweater Letters that combines our interests in embroidery, typography and patterns.

Out Of Sorts, 2011

Artist: Maricor/Maricar - Hand Embroidered Typography 'Out of Sorts or Sort of Unaligned'

Geo 1, 2011

Maricor Maricar’s work explores modern typography through contrasting color usage and homespun satin-embroidered stitch work. The sisters are designers, illustrators and animators by trade, but they don’t mind a bit of handcraft when the mood takes them.

Macho Distrust, 2011

MaricorMaricar Macho Distrust - The Design Files tells the story of the two talented sisters behind this amazing embroidery art. Just so beautiful and colourful - one for the real wish list.