Architectural Fashion with graphic shapes & structured 3D silhouette; geometric fashion // Levente Gyulai

Ondersteunend materiaal - hoekigheid - link met architecturale - strak Architectural Fashion with graphic shapes & structured silhouette;

Artarina — медные украшения ˇ wire wrap | VK

★ Soulful White ★ Origami Dress - fabric manipulation for fashion using folded fabric shapes to create dimensional patterns;

De l'art dans les motifs de textiles

The Digitalized Collection of Alba Prat

White shirt with textured cube patterns - fabric manipulation; innovative textiles for fashion design // Alba Prat

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Veasyble par Gaia

What: VEASYBLE is a set of wearable accessories that can be converted at a touch into a means of isolation. Composition: VEASYBLE is made of paper bonded to polyethylene and fabric.

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Intricate Paper Frocks - This 'Pratt + Paper & Ralph' Pucci Exhibit is Sure to Amaze (GALLERY) i like the texture of this, also how it is not a full body piece

Pour sa thèse d'obtention de diplôme dans l'architecture, Tara Douglas a conçu quatre costumes de carnaval chacun basé sur un mot cérébral différent : appropriation, exagération, immersion et sublimation. L'appropriation utilise des formes répétitives basées sur origami pour évoquer la silhouette d'un dragon. article : 08.27.12

Alba Prat

Ecstatic Spaces by Tara Keens-Douglas - Carnival costumes are often known for their vibrant colors, sparkling sequins and skin-revealing cuts; while Ecstatic Spaces by Tara Keens-Douglas .

Haute Papier Collection by Bea Szenfeld

The collection Haute Papier of the swedish fashion designer Bea Szenfeld is strangely exquisite. Photos by Joel Rhodin

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