Frank Auerbach

frank auerbach self portrait he draws pictures of his friends and family and his old household and he draws over a long period of time. this picture shows lots of scribbled and doodled lines and there are lots of shading

FRANK AUERBACH B. 1931 E.O.W., 1972 oil on board 10 x 6 inches 25.4 x 15.2 cm

FRANK AUERBACH B., 1972 oil on board 10 x 6 inches x cm A beautiful example of his use of the limited palette

Frank Auerbach, oil on canvas. The strong brush strokes created by frank auerbach helps to create a textured bold painting.

Frank Auerbach, oil on canvas. Have always loved his extravagant brush strokes ands distorted shapes.

Frank Auerbach ~ Michael, 1990 (etching)

Frank Auerbach ~ Michael, 1990 (etching) The mood In my option is that Auerbach was going throw some kind of mental state which lead him to this piece where the lines are very direct. I think its like this as this is how he wanted to express his feelings.