sign language clock

Unique Sign Language Clock - Telling Time in ASL - Original Handmade ASL Clock - Clock for Classroom - Educational Gift for Teacher - Custom

Sign language ornament

Handprint Holiday ~ I Love You Sign Language Ornament - great idea to use each kid's hands each year with the year printed on back somewhere!

How to Make Your Own "I Love You" Sign Language Card So kids can show their parents the signs their learning

Becky, you can do this for Fathers Day :) it reminds me o you guys.Make your own ADORABLE sign language card! Perfect for any holiday - Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Teacher Appreciation! Love the little hand print!

ASL I Love You (ILY) mini stamp! with heart in palm. So cute! Great for teachers of the Deaf.

This rubber stamp is a hand carved sign language sign for I Love You It is the perfect size to add a sweet little touch to your letters envelopes and

"I love you" sign language ornament.

"I love you " sign language ornament.

Improving literacy through sign language

Improving literacy through sign language

New app provides access to children's stories in American and British sign language

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

British Sign Language Graphic for GRUFFALO

A sign for Gruffalo….

British Sign Language Graphic for GRUFFALO