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a kitchen with green walls and white cabinets, wood flooring on the wooden floors
This is gloss slab doors and looks better than matt slab. Also shows the idea of extending the worktop as proposed around the 'dresser' unit
a kitchen with white walls and grey flooring next to a dining room table in front of a window
This highlights that the minimal shaker border, in the matt finishes, enhances the overall look, as this image with slab doors looks rather bland?
a kitchen with two bar stools next to an island
Shows the reverse of what we discussed and highlights how the darker wall units jump out when in a darker colour
a kitchen with a sink, stove and counter top next to a potted plant
This is the mussel shaker trend units. shows the under worktop sink...Also like the worktop?
a large kitchen with white cabinets and brown counter tops on the island in front of two stools
This is Mereway Trend kitchen. I'm thinking the window wall would look good all wall units in light colour with all base units in say a grey or sage grey plus the tall oven unit in grey/sage grey. But with a light worktop and floor.
a kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel stove top oven in the middle of it
White wall units definitely give a bright and airy feel
a kitchen with white cabinets and an island in the middle of the room is lit by two pendant lights
Pale grey units with white wall units in shaker style gives an open feel and works well with gloss marble worktop and pale flooring with surface details to camouflage any sweepings before they are dealt with!
a kitchen with gray cabinets and white marble counter tops is seen in this image from the inside
Grey base units with light wall and tall units ... the wall units blend into the white walls and give a spacious open feel
a modern kitchen with white counter tops and wooden cabinets, along with pictures on the wall
Good example showing how the pale wall units when married with same colour walls virtually disapear and give the open airy feel
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Shows all white gloss units with tall units in contrast?