such a cute scrap fabric pillow

Finally, a good use for all your fabric scraps! Get your weekend DIY inspiration here: Decorative Pillow (See the Etsy shop this came from) Applique Dish Towel Source Scrap Fabric Necklace. (Diy Pillows With Words)

Sharon Blackman blue vase water flowers gingham drapery curtain sunglasses

Sharon Blackman: Tribute to Mary Fedden embroidered and applique textile picture/idea for guild auction

Purple flowers in jug - Freestyle machine embroidery by Jo Melrose

Freestyle machine embroidery is done with a sewing machine but the ‘feed dogs’ (or teeth that move the fabric through the machine) are lowered so the fabric can be moved freely in any direction. This allows the machine to be used to ‘sketch’ the stitch.

Sharon Blackman: Ice creams & Summer!

A piece by Sharon Blackman. I think she mainly uses hand embroidery, but a piece like this would work very well with free motion machine embroidery too. Note the way she uses small scraps of printed fabric to form the background to her flowers .