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red-lipstick: “ Elena Kulikova - Eye See Face Melt 2 Face Melt 4 Eye Am We Yawn I Am You Compound Eyes See Her Beauty Multiply Photography ”

miaz brothers - acrylic paintings.

Ooooh, the soft, gaussy, acrylic paintings of the Miaz Brothers. Acrylic paintings – not blurry photographs. I’m not quite sure how they do it, but Milan-born artists {and brothers} Roberto and Renato Miaz are clearly masters of the brush!

Alisa Matviychuk by Billy Kidd for Magazine April 2010 found on…

Tush Magazine F/W 2014

Publication: Tush Magazine Fall 2014 Model: Lisa Verberght Photographer: Frederik Heyman Fashion Editor: Lotta Volkova Hair: Teiji Utsumi Make-up: Inge Grognard

Photography: RUO BING LI Makeup and Hair: TAMI EL SOMBATI using M.A.C CosmeticsModel: LARK @ Chantale Nadeau Producer: HENG QING ZHAO

“Butterflies & Roses” editorial for the January issue of SÝN Magazine. Shot by photographer Ruo Bing Li

Picture of girl in pink dress bedroom trees

Bedroom Portraits: Visions of the Outside World by Marja Pirila. Paula’s Room, Oulu, Finland. Picture of girl in pink dress bedroom trees .

HAARMAGIE on Behance

"HAARMAGIE" is the modern chain of hair salons in Germany. As one can derive from its name, the highest level of service and the magically attractive works are what make the "HAARMAGIE" team stand out of the crowd of ordinary hair salons.