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Marina Rasquinha

Marina Rasquinha
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No dark tones and no bronzer, what do you think of STROBING? #trend #saucebox #sauceboxcosmetics

With this simple explanation, I'm basically on board with strobing as opposed to contouring. Way easier and, tbh, bronzer kinda scares me!

It’s hard being a girl and dealing with makeup can be a real struggle sometimes. But, here are some life-changing makeup tips you might not know that will make your life a little easier. 1. Use toilet seat covers as blotting paper. Ever run...

BAKING 101 A step-by-step guide to whipping up no preheating required. Sorry dictionary, but the term “baking” has a new definition. What we normally associate with.

Contouring is easy if you follow this guide for how to contour according to your face shape. Follow along and give the makeup technique a try now.

Contouring and highlighting is the best way to make your facial features stand out. Easy conturing tutorials don't come around very often, but our DIY tutorial is the best guide you'll find for making your makeup and beauty game its very best for your fac