Adam Ant - ridicule is nothing to be scared of...

Prince Charming of Suburbia: Adam Ant's transition from Eighties dandy, to gun-wielding maniac, to Mr Average next door

how I loved this man.and proudly own his Greatest Hits Album and jump around like a loon at Prince know the dance steps. lol I still love antmusic

Goth came from punk. This is what early Goth tended to look like. Later it looked more "new romantic".

Derek Ridgers photographed this - a great club scene photographer for decades, now.

Leigh Bowery and Boy George

The 10 best show-offs

show-offs: Boy George And Leigh Bowery *Not that into Leigh Bowery (too much?), but I think that I did watch a documentary on him.

The New Romantics

“ ““Kahn and Bell had particular impact. Holding court at the Zanzibar, resplendent in leopardskin and padded shoulders, dripping diamonte with leather devils’ tails hanging down between their legs,.

Lexington Avenue: A fashion shoot features Martin Kemp wearing Demob and Steve Norman wearing Pallium, along with the local girls. Photographed © by David Spahn, NY 1981

Spandau Ballet, the Blitz kids and the birth of the New Romantics

New Romantic Fashion Arrives @ NY in 21 Blitz Kids take Manhattan by storm with a fresh fashion show and the live new sound of London: Lexington Avenue: Photographed © by David Spahn

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