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a close up of a green grass and dirt area with rocks on the ground next to it
Jouplast Flexible Lawn Edging Strip With 8 Plastic Anchoring Stakes, Anthracite
an outdoor seating area with lots of pillows and plants hanging from the rafters above
Explore 62+ Stunning Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas for Every Style
Save this pin to discover stunning outdoor patio decor ideas. This bohemian patio features a rattan daybed, colorful throw pillows, and hanging plants. The relaxed, eclectic decor creates a comfortable and inviting outdoor retreat.
an outdoor seating area with plants on the wall and hanging lanterns above it, along with colorful throw pillows
36 Ideas to Build Your Enchanting Secret Garden - Peak Patio Life
Conceal a secret garden in an urban setting, transforming it into a lush jungle escape. Incorporate vertical gardens, hanging planters, and cascading vines. Use reclaimed materials for seating and create a cozy jungle nook with colorful cushions, lanterns, and tropical foliage.
large rocks and mulch in the middle of a dirt path with trees behind them
Don’t hire a landscaper to build a boulder wall when boulder outcroppings will do.
Don’t hire a landscaper to build a boulder wall when boulder outcroppings will do. | Renegade Gardener
an umbrella sitting on top of a pool next to a lush green forest filled with palm trees
Etta Round Bamboo Parasol
A colourful and exotic Balinese parasol. The perfect sunshade for a picnic, patio, through your table with an umbrella hole or by your sun lounger at the pool. A stunning addition to an alfresco dining scene and summer seating area. Vibrant tangerine twill with lotus design hand-painted in gold ink.
a poster with the words what is your plant trying to tell you?
Common plant problems and how to solve them
Here are some common signs your plant needs a little TLC: 1️⃣ Brown, crunchy leaves: Your plant may need more water or more humidity. 2️⃣ Yellow at the edges: You may be overwatering your plant. Make sure you wait until the soil is fully dry between watering. 3️⃣ Pale and limp: Your plant needs more sun. Relocate the pot to a window with bright, indirect light. 4️⃣ Burnt top of leaves: Your plant is getting a sunburn and could use a little more shade. Read more here →
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by greenery and wooden decking, with lounge chairs around it
20+ Best Small Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget in 2024 55
These small backyard pool ideas on a budget prove that you can enjoy the pleasures of a pool without a vast expanse. Dive into these imaginative solutions and
a small pool surrounded by palm trees with lounge chairs on the side and a thatched hut in the background
20+ Best Small Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget in 2024