Mark Langley

Mark Langley

Reading, UK  ·  Contemporary British Artist. Exhibiting work in UK and Europe.
Mark Langley
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Cornelia Parker, Measuring Niagara Falls with a Teaspoon, silver spoon made into wire of exact length of Niagara Falls, Tate art

Isa Genzken » UrlaubDavid Zwirner

Representing over forty artists and estates, David Zwirner is a contemporary art gallery active in both the primary and secondary markets.

// Felix Gonzalez Torres

Felix Gonzalez Torres, paper stacked into shapes that reference the minimalist geometric shapes of Donald Judd. Torrez imbues the austere, non-human aesthetic with poignancy and allusions to the AIDS crisis that affected the people he knew.

Tacita Dean, The Book End of Time, 2013 + The Tail End of Film, 2013

For over thirty years, the Marian Goodman Gallery has played an important role in introducing European artists to American audiences and helping to establish a vital dialogue among artists and institutions working internationally.