Rhodesian Ridgeback with her person <3

This picture makes my heart happy! Children and dogs- best friends!

#Rhodesian #Ridgeback - click on the photo to learn more about this dog

Rhodesian Ridgeback - great in extreme hot or cold temperature, very athletic abd guard dog. For experienced owners.

Gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Pinner: handsomedogs: My two Rhodesian Ridgebacks Sadie yrs) and Oliver weeks)

Rhodesian Ridgeback!  My Ridgeback mix Molly loves the snow, too!

Rhodesian Ridgeback= one spicy dog. My other four legged trail riding partner

one day, one of these will be your sweet nephew. So in love with these dogs Ingram Ingram Steadman Christine Christine Jacobi

Rhodesian ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgeback - This is the only dog I will probably ever buy. It would be a gift to my husband. Though, if I can get away with it, I will just adopt a rescue.

..Pretty please... by *Stiletto*..Rodesian Ridgeback

These gorgeous pups cannot help but smoulder in front of the camera, every single time.


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Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Picture

Four month old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies Leo (at front) and Lucy (at back)