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Cutlery like my Grandma had

Australia / Vintage bone-handled cutlery, once found in every Aussie kitchen drawer.

Janet and John Books

Janet and John Books - learnt to read using this scheme!

Making pom poms, we knew how to have a good time!

Making pom poms - I remember going around our neighbourhood and knocking on people's doors (totally irritating, I imagine) asking if they had any spare wool so I could go home and spend hours making pompoms!


Spangles - remember them?

Tree Top orange squash. We only had this once or twice as it was Very Expensive.

Do you remember Tree Top orange squash? The botle was shaped like a Lava Lamp.

De puntenslijper van de meester

School pencil sharpener I used to do the pencils until they were tiny!

Bandit chocolate biscuit

You can stand it with bandit!

Bovril Crisps > Food and drink | DoYouRemember.co.uk

Bovril Crisps

Bovril crisps were fab. My grandma used to buy us Bovril flavour crisps. I think they came in a white bag and tasted very, very beefy!

Leather walking reins 1960s - remember these - especially my sister wearing them and having a temper tantrum.

Leather walking reins Take of the long rein strap and you had a pram/pushchair harness, mine were white with 'baby' written on the front.

Has to be one of the uk's best online sweets shop ever! http://www.sweetfactore.co.uk/

Has to be one of the uk's best online sweets shop ever…

50p to commemorate joining EEC had no idea what this meant at the time but 'the hands' 50p was always the one I wanted

Reverse of 1973 Fifty Pence Cupro-Nickel ProofSuperb and Scarce Official Royal Mint 1973 EEC "Hands" Solid Silver Fifty Pence Piedfort Proof Coin in Case Item A Marvellous and Scarce Vintage Royal Mint Solid Silver 1973 Piedfort Proof EEC Coin, in Case.

Bill & Ben The Flowerpot Men (And Weed)  "Flobberlobberlob" "Weeeeeed"

"Bill & Ben: Flowerpot Men", my favourite kid show in the

Ever ready battery

Ever ready from Woolworths, remember early Christmas day up at 4 in the morning to get to the presents under the tree , open the main present only to find it did not have any battery,s its ok kids mums and dads my age get the joke

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a firm cold weather favourite "Victory V Sweets" they are not the same as they used to be. They originally contained ether and Chloroform, if you ate too many they made you woozy.