Discover how to make the perfect Spaghetti carbonara - with a little help from Gennaro Contaldo

Ultimate spaghetti carbonara

ROME, ITALY - Rick Stein teaches you how to open a packet of pasta in a true Italian style whilst talking through a delicious spaghetti alla carbonara with

Use up leftover chicken in this rustic soup with garlic cream and cheesy scones on the side

Roast chicken soup

Cheese on Toast

Chocolate and cardamom mousse cake with homemade honeycomb

Avocado and black sesame sprinkle on sourdough #DailyMail

It doesn& take much to turn an avocado into a simple meal. As a treat when I was young, I would occasionally have half an avocado with its hollow filled with Worcestershire sauce.

Working Lunch

Chorizo & Tomato Instant Noodles in a Pot - ◾ 1 nest, (thin, quick-cook egg noodles) ◾ abt Chorizo (chopped) ◾ Spring Onions (finely sliced) ◾ ½ tsp Fennel Seeds (lightly crushed) ◾ 100 ml Tomato Passata

White Bread

Notebooks at the ready for Baking with this simple white loaf recipe. Once you've mastered basic bread, you'll be a fully proven baker.

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