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a living room filled with furniture and lots of windows
a woman is walking through an open door in a room with wooden floors and walls
Isfahan, at all times, has been a garden city, however, nowadays only a few gardens have survived. During the development of the city, beautiful gardens have...
东方诗意的栖居美学【环球设计1121期】-zquanzi网 China, Design, Architecture, Chinese Style Interior, New Chinese Interior, Chinese Interior, Japanese Interior Design, Modern Chinese
澳客网彩票 腾讯3分彩app
an empty white frame with a black square in the middle
Apartment, St Germain-des-Prés, Paris | Projects | CS decoration
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a room next to an open door with a magazine on it
Chan & Eayrs
Michael Sinclair | Chan & Eayrs
two pictures of white cabinets with wooden handles and drawers in them, one showing the bottom drawer
No Hardware For The Kitchen Cabinets In This London Home
No Hardware For The Kitchen Cabinets In This London Home // This kitchen has white melamine cabinets with a recessed finger detail made from European oak, to make it easy to open the drawers and cabinets.
a red chair sitting next to a mirror in a room
q en bleu
Divine Simplicity in details.
an image of a long hallway that is in the middle of it's walls
Yang Zhenzhong | Passage No.8 (2012) | Artsy
Yang Zhenzhong, 'Passage No.8,' 2012, ShanghART
a living room with two white chairs and a large painting on the wall
Amanemu — Shima, Japan
Continuing the Aman Group’s successful foray into Japan following the 2014 opening of the Aman Tokyo, the hotel collective has launched a second property in the country, Amanemu. Located 300km southwest of the capital in Ise Shima National Park on th...
an image of a modern kitchen setting with wood cabinets and stainless steel stove top oven
Luxurious and Exquisite Fitzroy Place Interior
White and natural timber veneer//
a close up view of the top of a wooden cabinet with its doors open and wood grain
zendesign I interior İstanbul
the bottom half of a building with an arrow pointing up to it's side
It’s all about that Base… about that Base(board)
Baseboard Detail, construction detail, architectural detail
a close up of a wooden cabinet with three silver cups on top of it and a white wall in the background
Anne Derasse
Anne Derasse - Joinery Detail
the corner of a room with wood paneling and a door handle on it's side
Aguirre Design - Unique Custom Designed Doors, Custom Made Doors, New York.