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A collection of Mark Witton's latest paleoart (AKA palaeoart), featuring dinosaurs, pterosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Many of these paintings can be…
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Two giant flying reptiles with long necks and long beak-like jaws feed on a carcass on a river bank in front of a forest. One flies off with food, while the other stands over the carcass vocalising. Nature, Art, Instagram, Decoration, Ancient, Creature Drawings, Animais, Creatures, Strange
Quetzalcoatlus lawsoni 2022
A recent paper suggests Quetzalcoatlus was a perpetually crouching, bipedally-launching, short-limbed azhdarchid pterosaur that tucked its legs up, bird-style, to fly. I'm sceptical. Check out my thoughts on my blog:
a painting of a dinosaur in the sky with clouds and sun behind it, looking up at its head
Tyrannosaurus rex vocalises. By Mark Witton
A vocalising Tyrannosaurus. It jars with pop-culture, but closed-mouth vocals are more likely for big, deep dinosaur noises than open-mouth roars. Hi-res available at #Patreon:
Four large sauropods confront each other in the surf on a beach during the day. Fantasy Creatures, Animales, Kunst, Dinosaur Era, Live Animals
Giraffatitan. By Mark Witton.
Giraffatitan plays in the surf. Tendaguru was a coastal setting, so we needn't limit paintings of these guys to floodplains and other inland settings. See this in high-res at #Patreon:
A flock of sandy-brown pterosaurs fly through a pastel-coloured sky. Museums, Infnity
Plataleorhynchus. By Mark Witton.
The poorly-known UK spoonbilled pterosaur Plataleorhynchus, as now featured in the revamped fossil gallery of Dorset Museum. Check out the hi-res version at #Patreon:
Two large sandy brown Tyrannosaurus engaged in headbutting combat with a forested area. Rex, Megafauna, Fauna, Aggressive
Tyrannosaurus headbutting. By Mark Witton.
Tyrannosaurus is unusual among tyrannosaurids for lacking a hornlet in front of the eye, but it compensated for this with armoured cranial skin and two prominent postorbital bosses. Bolted to something like six or more tonnes of angry tyrannosaur, this must have made for one heck of a battering ram. Check out the blog post on the possibility of Tyrannosaurus headbutting! #dinosaur #T.rex
Portrait of large theropod dinosaur, Carnotaurus. Showing it's head facing into the 'camera' with it's neck and upper torso also in view. The Carnosaurus is purple-brown with big orange-brown scales and has two large horns on it's head. Zoology, Reptiles, Portrait, Videos, Extinct Animals, Extinction
Carnotaurus. By Mark Witton.
A portrait of Carnotaurus, just because it's an awesome animal. The full-size image can be seen and downloaded from here:, as can heaps of essays, book previews, artwork and videos - all for $1 a month. #theropod #dinosaur #art
Two Hupehsuchus chase a shoal of fish, with the yellow light of the sun shining through the water. Several other marine reptiles can be seen in the background Africa, Prehistoric Creatures
Hupehsuchus nanchangensis. By Mark Witton.
Hupehsuchus is a super weird Triassic marine reptile with an armoured back and incredibly thin lower jaw. There's no crazy like Triassic crazy.
Two Kronosaurus swim at the surface of the ocean. One is diving and one is taking a breath of air. Flying, Restore, Underwater, Ocean, Extinct
Kronosaurus. By Mark Witton.
Check out my new blog post! I try to figure out what the heck is the best-supported way to restore plesiosaur tail rudders in #paleoart at the moment. It's complicated, but at least these newly-painted Kronosaurus don't seem to mind. #Extinct #Marine #Reptile
A long-necked plesiosaur forages from a dimly-lit seabed. The water is murky and green, and another plesiosaur can be seen in the background. Fresh, Concept Art, Illustration Art, Picture, Art Design, Winner
Albertonectes. By Mark Witton.
Winner of both the overall biggest and longest-necked plesiosaur categories, Albertonectes forages from a dimly-lit seabed. See the gloom in hi-res and lots of other content at my Patreon site for just $1 a month.
A flock of pterosaurs of all ages fly along a pink-hued sky, with mountains and forest far below them. Animal Kingdom, Animaux, Human Babies, Bones, Dieren
Pterodaustro in flight. By Mark Witton.
Pterodaustro adults and hatchlings fly side by side: a depiction of the finding of a paper on pterosaur hatchling flight capabilities. Read the paper here:
Artistic impression of a cross-section of a pterosaur embryo curled up in it's egg just prior to hatching. Reptiles And Amphibians, Miniature, Vertebrates, Palaeontologist, Palaeontology
Pterodaustro gets ready to hatch. By Mark Witton.
Pterosaur eggs and embryos were discovered in 2004. These showed that even before they hatched, pterosaurs had well-developed wings, including wing membranes. They were basically miniature adults.
A giant pterosaur takes off from the ground, with a blue, cloudy sky in the background and other small flying animals far behind it.
Hatzegopteryx in flight. By Mark Witton.
Everybody's favourite Transylvanian azhdarchid pterosaur.
Multiple brown and white, long-tailed, pterosaurs fly above a steaming patch of brown earth, with many more pterosaurs nesting on the ground below them. Fantasy, Flora And Fauna
Pterosaurs nest on a volcano. By Mark Witton.
This is the Central Atlantic magmatic province, during the Triassic-Jurassic extinction, where heaps of volcanic gases were released by rifting Pangaea. These pterosaurs exploit the warm ground for nesting, oblivious to the looming extinction.
Two horse-like mammals travel across the plains at night, with the moon shing out from the clouds above them. Crystal Palace Fc, Drawing Illustrations
Palaeotherium magnum (updated). By Mark Witton.
The nocturnal Palaeotherium magnum, the pony-sized equoid once featured with the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs before the model went missing. Among some of the first fossil vertebrates to be studied scientifically, they helped us establish concepts of extinction and life before humans. #extinct #fossil #palaeontology