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a bride and groom kissing in the back of a car on a country road near a large house
What an entrance!!
an outdoor wedding setup with white drapes and flowers
Outdoor arch
a long table set up for a formal function
Craggan room wedding
the table is set with silverware and wine glasses
Whisky and gingerbread men favours.
there is a table set up for an event with deer heads on the wall behind it
Grazing station supplied by 3 tiers
a display case with chalk drawings on it
Beautiful festive table plan
two wicker baskets filled with items sitting on the floor next to a sign that says let sparks fly
Sparklers and blankets for a December event.
a dog standing next to a christmas tree in front of a small wooden hutch
Christmas wedding. Market stall supplied by 3 tiers.
a banquet hall with tables and chairs set up for an event
AngieB photography
the inside of a barn with tables, chairs and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
Round tables in the ballroom
a black and white photo of a building with a cross on the roof, in front of some trees
The stag ballroom
four different pictures with flowers and deer heads
a long table with place settings and deer heads on the wall behind it in a dining room
Springtime lunch in the dining room