Album artwork by Peter Saville

Peter Saville's career kicked off after designing posters for The Haçienda nightclub in Manchester, run by the Factory Records label.

The Hacienda -  Peter Saville

PETER SAVILLE Waste Painting New Order Covers Iris print on Photorag Edition of 25 Accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate 118 x 89 cm 2003

New Order - Technique (1989 Factory Records) Design: Peter Saville

Peter Saville on his classic Joy Division and New Order artwork

OMD album artwork by Peter Saville and Tom Skipp

OMD album sleeve "English Electric" designed by British graphic designer Peter Saville

Hazard - Peter Saville Album Sleeve Design. This is a very bold design and even with only 2 colours it's very eye catching, this will be because the yellow is so bright. It very much fits the name of the album, Hazard, as most warning signs and warning tapes use these 2 colours and block shapes.

Flyer Goodness: Art of the Factory Records family - The Hacienda, Peter Saville, Joy Division, New Order

Peter Saville / Waste Painting #9

PETER SAVILLE Waste Painting The Crown Jewels From the portfolio Diamond Dust Volume 1 Iris print on somerset enhanced satin with diamond dust Edition of 60 Accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate 66 x cm 2003