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Cracks by Jill McKeown. Accordion format artist’s book. 2000.

Cracks by Jill McKeown. Accordion format artist’s book. I like how the ink and what looks to be water colors is used to create a mood or feeling. This could be nice paired with images.

Fiona Dempster A Subversive Stitch | 2012 12 x 9 x 9 inches (30.5 x 22.9 x 22.9 cm) Fabriano Medioevalis paper, tracing paper, cotton and linen thread; inkjet printed, single-page pamphlet-stitch binding Photography by artist 7 Gorgeous Handmade Books

Fiona Dempster's work, this one featured in the forthcoming 500 Handmade Books published by Lark, is exquisite. We don't carry her work but 23 Sandy does.

Small Book Art - Feel the poem in a foreign city by Matilda Huang  Love the transparency in this book - window screen netting?

Sweet Mess: Artist books and visual journals. Clear pages with sewn edges. this would be an interesting idea to include in an otherwise "normal" handmade book.

mixed media, photography, textiles, stitch, found paper, distressed

Inspiring me to collage images like this using various materials like magazines, articles, text and images

Lisa Kokin.

Lisa Kokin / Maternal Instinct (Detail), 2001 / Mixed media sewn found photo collage / 47 x 13 inches.

Oscar Muñoz, Narciso [Narcisse], 2001. Vidéo 4/3, couleur, son, 3 minutes. Courtesy de l’artiste

"Narciso," Oscar Munoz, (self-portraits made of charcoal dust floating on top of water, image dissolves and deforms as water drains from the sink, the success of the work depends on the cameras ability to freeze a certain moment)