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1920's Flapper Doll
an art piece is displayed on the wall in front of a tweep card
some kind of white substance that is on the side of a machine
Week In Submission: Doan Nguyen
Conceptual textiles design with polyurethane foam injected into perforated leather for heavy texture // Doan Nguyen
an abstract pattern made up of white and brown feathers on top of eachother
Rowan Mersh 2014
several pieces of art made out of paper and lace on a white tablecloth background
Etc. - Fiona Stoltze
Fiona Stoltze
five different colored fish sculptures on shelves
Eye popping: Dan Lam’s polymorphous, sensory sculptures
Dan Lam's neon coloured polymorphous 'drippy sculptures'. Psychotropic objects that trick the senses.
a wooden chair sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a pink rug
Tatiana Blass
Tatiana Blass
cauliflower seeds in a white bowl next to an unpeeled cauliflower
Homeware and home accessory design | Dezeen magazine
Milan 2010: Viennese designers Mischer’Traxler presented a collection of bowls cast from vegetables in Milan last month
an art installation with multicolored lines on the floor
Saatchi Art
Once the youngest nominee for the Turner Prize, Ian Davenport creates his “syringe art” by squirting glossy paint onto canvas and allowing g...
an abstract sculpture made out of many different colored triangles on a white surface with no one around it
An Iridescent Kite Made From 3M™ Dichroic Glass Finishes
an image of a person in the middle of a stage with lights coming from it
Piccolo Teatro, ''Faust, frammenti'' - Teatro di prosa | PERONI
Faust, Fragmentos - primeira parte, Goethe, direção de Giorgio Strehler, cenografia a partir de desenhos de Svoboda, Pequeno Teatro de Milão
an elephant made out of different colored squares
Birgit Dieker
::: BIRGIT DIEKER :::Alka Seltzer may help.
an abstract painting with many different shapes and colors on it's surface, including grays, yellows, and greys
art journal - expression through abstraction
Joanna Ingarden-Mouly, Untitled
an art gallery with multiple paintings on the walls and floors, all painted in different colors
Sublimes installations par Pip & Pop - Journal du Design
wonderful candy color pop art by Nicole Andrejivic