edward sharp and the magnetic zeros

edward sharp and the magnetic zeros - fave song

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn...remember how she said that we would meet again.....Some sunny day.

Ballroom Blitz Vera Lynn - a British entertainer, loved by the troops.

my name is....kavinsky.

Kavinsky - "There's something inside you.it's hard to explain.



röyksopp------> stay gold

röyksopp------> stay gold


Alice In Wonderland, Punk Rock, Black Magic Woman, Glasses, Photo Reference, Music Life, Goth, Singers, Girls

Would you like to call the cops.do you think its time to stop. Why are you running away.

Run to the bedroom, in the suitcase on the left you'll find my favorite axe.

I look into your eyes.Diving into the ocean. I look in through your eyes. Falling. m83

Diving into the ocean.

phaseone= true romance

phaseone= true romance

we go to that hidden place

Mark Borthwick - ‘Not In Fashion’