These guys are awesome , I just watched the one where they perform at reading festival soo good, they bring so much energy on stage

This is a picture taken at a Catfish and the Bottlemen concert/gig. I think that this is a nice pose to use, as it acts as a silhouette of the band member, making it stand out more, but with still having the name of the band in the background.

Liam Gallagher <3 More

The deterioration in relations between the Gallagher brothers was revealed in papers lodged at the High Court, detailing accusations of domestic abuse, violent assault and a pattern of "spiteful and childish" behaviour.

Alana Haim, Este Haim e Danielle Haim, da banda Haim.

O Estilo das Girl Bands

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jealousy in technicolour

i dont even know what to write here so ill just write some stuff until it looks like its saying something interesting anyway hi im mary and i like a lot of bands