Lucian Freud - Girl with Beret

[Girl with Beret Manchester City Art Galleries] I went to the Lucian Freud exhibition this week, although I wasn't sure what I'd think about the paintings. I find I get tired of reading about the media's favourite artists (Freud,.

Lucien Freud, Man with a Feather (Self-portrait), 1943

Lucian Freud at the National Portrait Gallery – in pictures

Lucian Freud

Woman in a White Shirt, oil, Lucien Freud 1957 The Duchy of Devonshire, UK (portrait of Deborah Duchess of Devonshire (née Mitford)

The Painter’s Mother (1972) > Freud’s relationship with his mother was fraught with tension and difficulties. Yet the portraits that Freud painted of his mother, Lucie, in the 1970s are among his most tender. They form a series that are in the long tradition of artists’ portraits of their mothers from Rembrandt to Van Gogh and on to Hockney. They are intensely moving paintings and a sensitive study of old age.

Lucian Freud Portraits: Painted Life