Kenneth Williams- British Actor- most known for Carry On films.

Infamy, infamy, they've all got it infamy Kenneth Williams as Caesar in Carry On Cleo.

Esma Cannon (1896-1972) - Carry On Regardless

Esma Ellen Charlotte Cannon – was a diminutive Australian-born character actress, who moved to England in the early Photo from Carry On Regardless

Sid James... 1913 - 1976

April 1976 the much loved Comedy Actor Sid James died onstage in Sunderland from a massive heart attack

Sid James - Carry on Cleo

Writing historical fiction offers a unique set of challenges: How far should you let the historical record dictate your own plot? Should you dramatize famous historical figures, or should your cent…

Carry On Screaming (clockwise from the left): Dr Orlando Watt, Oddbod Jr, Oddbod, Sydney Bung after drinking a peculiar potion & Valeria Watt.

Kenneth Williams, Fenella Fielding and Harry H Corbett. Carry On Screaming.

Kenneth Williams

Bernard Bresslaw, Kenneth Cope, Renee Houston and Hattie Jacques from At Your Convenience