Barbara Baldi

Inspiration for reflections series.Barbara Baldi- think about identity, privacy, the parts of ourselves we keep hidden vs. the parts we share with others.


Ever watched TV in a storm with bad reception - love the pixelated imagery something i could play with like puzzles pixelating image to create square and then placing them in wierd places and stuff jai hai


Here is a connection between the shape of the mouse (iconic object) and the creation of Adam painting, it is very smart clever and funny and powerful but useless idea

pixel pour!!!! this is amazing, especially the white splash drops best take on space invader style street art

New York (USA) - ‘Pixel Pour‘ - 2008 by the artist Kelly Goeller of //kneeon, who is a New York based animation studio that creates unique visuals through an ever-changing mix of animation, live action, pixels, and fluorescence.

Space Invader.

'Invader' mosaic street art - these tiled space invaders can be found all over…