Autumn in Northern Ireland

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a yellow table with flowers in it and the word h & w painted on it
H & W Planter
some apples are sitting on the ground in front of a tree
Apple Time
leaves on the ground in front of trees with green grass and yellow leaves covering them
Stormont leaves, Belfast
an old building lit up at night with trees in the foreground and leaves on the ground
Belfast City Hall - Autumn Night - N.Ireland
Belfast City Hall
a person walking down a path in the middle of some trees with leaves on them
Stormont Estate, Belfast
a large white building sitting on the side of a lush green field next to trees
Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast
a park bench sitting next to a tree
Food and Life-style
It was a day for sun-kissed benches at Rowallane today!
the sun shines brightly through the branches of a tree next to a body of water
From Inch Abbey to Down Cathedral
From Inch Abbey to Down Cathedral
an open gate in the middle of a grassy field
A view from Rowallane, a National Trust property near Saintfield, Co Down.
an empty park bench sitting next to a stone wall and green grass covered field with fallen leaves on the ground
Food and Life-style
Lonely bench at Rowallane - October 2016
two trees on top of a hill under a cloudy sky with the words, home will always be northern ireland
Northern Ireland Information - the Basic Facts
Northern Ireland will always be home
a tree on the side of a road in front of some bushes and trees with yellow leaves
Rowallane Garden │Northern Ireland
National Trust Rowallane Garden, Co Down
a wooden ladder leaning against a stone wall on top of a grassy field next to a mountain
Mourne Mountains