City of Shadows :: Alexey Titarenko

This image was taken by Alexey Titarenko and the image is from his photo series of the 'City Of Shadows'. By altering the camera's shutter speed, he has captured ghost like images of the people within the fall of the soviet union.

City of Shadows :: Alexey Titarenko. St. Petersburg

City of Shadows: Photographer Alexey Titarenko specializes in spooky, black and white photography in cities around the world.

city of shadows

Ghostly Images of the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Untitled (Crowd Like Atta Kim, Alexey Titarenko makes use of time-lapse and/or multiple exposure in his photographs. Of the two I prefer Titarenko's work, not least because of his moody .

Soviet Union's Scary City of Shadows (Alexey Titarenko)

Soviet Union's Scary City of Shadows by Alexey Titarenko

“City of Shadows” was taken during the winter of the collapse of the Soviet Union by Alexey Titarenko

Ghostly Images of the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Petersburg, Russia from City of Shadows series by Alexey Titarenko on artnet. Browse more artworks Alexey Titarenko from Nailya Alexander Gallery.


Petersburg, Titarenko rose to prominence in the for his series of photographs of his native city, where his application of long exposu

Alexey Titarenko Photography

Alexey Titarenko (born 1962 in Leningrad, USSR, now Saint Petersburg, Russia) is a Russian photographer and artist. Titarenko’s photographic series from the 1