Starbucks coffee icing cookies

I know a lot of Starbucks addicts would love this or to quote Taylor Swift "Starbucks lovers" 😉

don't be afraid to dream ♡

Basic French Macarons

A wonderful world of macaroons. The beautiful dessert called a macaroon is what we only show here; pictures and places to go in New York for these beautiful macaroons. Macaroon World.

Coffee And Sugared Pastries

Swedish pastries + coffee for breakfast, afternoon tea or a fika at any time of the day!

Colorful cocktails.

Planning a big summer barbeque? Ditch the cooler of beer for some fun and colorful cocktails. Keep cool with these refreshing and easy recipes. For more cocktail recipes and entertaining ideas, go to Domino.

Pouring champagne over these Cotton Candy cocktails.

Lovely Libations: Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

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