Le photographe américain Richard Tuschman a adapté les peintures d’Edward Hopper à la photographie. Le respect des compositions et du détail est surprenant : les plis des draps, les mouvements des volutes de fumée qui s’échappent d’une cigarette ou encore la lumière qui se propage dans la pièce reflétant sur les murs. - created via http://pinthemall.net

Richard Tuschman photographs inspired by Edward Hopper with maybe a nod too to Vermeer?

INSPIRATION The hipster subculture is channeled in our Authentic California Authentic California Bayside Moccasins which embraces the free-thinking and interdependent values of the beatniks.

American Marine comforts orphaned Vietnamese child, 1969

Vietnam War - an American soldier holds a Vietnamese child, who fell asleep in the soldier's arms.

series of Gregory Crewdson where he used dark cool lighting to create eerie and bleak environments for the images.

Gregory Crewdson These examples show the subjects in very lonely environments. the use of low staturation and cool muted tones bring that more into effect.

La tendresse comme aux premiers jours !

The Art of Holding Hands Forever: Pictures of Elderly Couples in Love. "Falling in love is easy. But staying in love is very special.

In this article, we look back on some of last year's best cinematography - Victoria (2015)

Again, colour palette for grading/lightung. Yet more beautiful cinematography, this introduces more colour however, thoughts? The street shot reminds me of the video you shot in LA. maybe nice to have some continuity between your videos?

Cecil Beaton took many photographs of bombed-out London, concentrating on the strange juxtapositions the debris provided. This is 'The Letter', 1940.

the letter, 1940 society photographer cecil beaton took many photographs of bombed-out london, concentrating on the strange juxtapositions the debris provided, © cecil beaton, from london. portrait of a city.

Rojova ~ Burma: a baby feeds from the breast of his/her dead mother!!! What can one say in this situation? Probably nothing, it's better to take action to stop such madness.

White settlers at Roffs Ranch, California, murder 49 local inhabitants, splitting the children's heads with hatchets.