Dude!,all I can say is WOW!,These pictures should make you think twice about littering. Devastating images that show the effect of rubbish left on our beaches.

Devastating images that show the effect of rubbish left on our beaches

Even if you don't drop the litter please pick it up! If all the good people picked up just some, it will help protect wildlife from the dangers of rubbish. It is not only unsightly, it poses a serious threat to wildlife and people. Litter is the result of garbage left by beachgoers, items thrown overboard by boaters, and material dumped into the oceans by companies and factories. Litter from the beach can blow into the ocean, while litter in the water can wash up on shore. Littering is…

On my own or in an organized group, I want to start regularly picking up discarded trash- from everywhere, anywhere, anytime.

Mărturii ale trecutului: vase ce au făcut istorie. Vezi GALERIE FOTO

invata cum sa devii cea mai buna versiune a ta

The rust has created some interesting textures and colours on the boat making it look old and abandoned, I like how the creepy looking boat contrast with the bright clear sky as it makes for an unusual composition

Ian Rush Best Striker Ever

Illustrations to support NIVEA MEN's campaign - Legends Vs You.Amateur teams were invited to challenge the team of Liverpool FC legends including John Barnes, Ian Rush and Jason McAteer, to a match by entering an online competition.

Republic of Ireland striker Robbie Keane will be crucial for Martin O'Neill's side...

Stars of every Euro 2016 team are brought to life in poster form

To celebrate the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament, ESPN decided to create a series of 25 posters, highlighting the best players.The concept is to use for each posters the same catchphrase "More Than…" then customizing it according to the team.

Driftwood art, They have one like this in front of the U art museum..

Carving a niche for himself: Artist creates incredible carvings out of DRIFTWOOD

Artist Jeff Uitto creates intricate sculptures from driftwood he finds along the coast of Washington. Uitto has sculpted wild horses, soaring eagles, and even a giraffe out of salvaged tree branches. But his work is more than giant animal sculptur.

Sandy Rock pool - Hand painted silk textile embroidery

Sandy Rock pool - Hand painted silk textile embroidery

Steven Gerrard art print without the liverpool

Steven Gerrard art print