Irving Penn Cracked Egg, New York 1958 chromogenic print Copyright © by the The Irving Penn Foundation

Cracked Egg, New York / Irving Penn / 1958 / chromogenic print Could make this a sculpture.maybe use hot glue for the clear stuff?

Chocolate mouth.  Photo: Irving Penn, 2000.

Photo: Irving Penn, {such a photograph. i had to look away when first see it. look back in almost stun not knowing what this is. as unharmful as chocolat? the effect photographer wanted .got~from me

I love it when someone can take something so simple (even ordinary) and turn it into a thing of beauty. Photo by Irving Penn

Bread, Salt and Water, editorial photograph for Vogue, New York, March 1980

Irving Penn - Still Life with Mouse, New York | From a unique collection of black and white photography at

Still Life with Mouse, New York

Title: Still Life with Mouse, New York Artist: Irving Penn American) Year: 1947

Irving Penn Musical Instruments, Italy 1946

Irving Penn Musical Instruments, photograph for Vogue, Italy October 1948


Irving Penn … Vogue … 2002 …Phyllis Posnick … Penn and Posnick used a deflated football to illustrate the effects of overtreated skin … twothousands …


Corset, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, New York 1994 Irving Penn .

irving Pennsmall

Still life project in progress…

by Irving Penn

Irving Penn: The one and only