:Fresh Ligature

As a lover of hand lettering - I love this piece of custom typography. The type clearly illustrates the concept and meaning.

Logo Design inspiration #create #inspire #motivate

really like the 'L' logo type- beautiful visual element and logotype underneath. The illustration almost detail is vey beautiful on the eye. Could either re-create this look, or could just re-create a logotype without a main symbol element aswell

gravity logo / pinned on Toby Designs

Collection of Fresh Logo Design Inspiration - Downgraf Yo Momma Is a Shitty Graphic Designer Lovely piano key poster design graphics

"Syntonex - internet holding" This corporate branding uses a creative logo, the S shape for Syntonex is all joined. Giving the design a "complete" message. The font used  is very relivant as it goes hand in hand  with the logo in giving the design a modern "techy" feel. I like the way the designer has share with us the full development of the design and the way it has been produced. They have shown the colour wheel of colours used in the branding process.

50 Creative Branding and Identity Design examples for your inspiration

stripy b - what looks alike belongs together/is a group/is seen as whole (red stripes) + association of shapes you know.

Identity for a music & sound design company called The Barbershop. Designed by Here Design.

Logos of the Alphabet - Letter Y logo

A list of logos of the Alphabet, the A-to-Z of logo design if you will, logomarks using the letterforms of the alphabet.

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