Albert's Mongolian Adventure

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Albert is a 46 (soon to be 47) year old Morris Minor Traveller. I am a soon to be 60 year old with an itch and we (well me really, Albert hasn't had much say in the matter) have decided to drive from the UK (exact starting point to be decided) to Ulanbataar in Mongolia and back. We will be doing this next year to raise money for charity this board is for those people interested in following us during our preparations and ultimately on our journey to there and back!

Matt Givertz
Ice bucket challenge for charities supported by Albert's Mongolian Adventure


Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for charities being supported by Albert's Mongolian Adveture


Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Matt's 60 mph Adventure: the adventure begins

the adventure begins

As those of you who know me are aware I am nearing that time in my life when a free bus pass is in the offing. For those not resident in the UK that means I am coming up to 60 (sigh!). Reaching such an auspicious milestone in one's life can cause certain 'strange' behaviour and in my case it was an urge to do something different. Well my next adventure is certainly going to be that! I have decided to drive a 46 year old Morris Traveller from the UK (exact starting point to be decided) to…

Matt's 60 mph Adventure: floppy bits - sorted! (mostly)

floppy bits - sorted! (mostly)

Albert has just returned from a short stay with Tony, Damon and Bruv where the intrepid trio tried to sort out his floppy bits and make sure that not too much dropped off whilst driving Albert leading up to the big trip next year. It would seem that most of Albert's floppy bits were due to wooden bits becoming sponge and as such not much good at doing what wood is supposed to do, especially with Travellers where it's a fairly integral part of the car. Anyway the objective here is really to…

Matt's 60 mph Adventure: stopping - Sorted!

stopping - Sorted!

Since having his floppy bits sorted an an engine overhaul I've had a couple of runs in Albert and recently visited my mates Feds and Diz in Norwich to see their new house but most importantly see if I can sign them up for the road trip next year (still in discussions around that!). Anyway whilst Albert did stop (eventually) anticipation was the key in making sure I had come to a halt when expected. As anyone who has ever driven an old car knows the brakes in the good old days were less than…

Matt's 60 mph Adventure: bouncing around - soon to be sorted

bouncing around - soon to be sorted

Been spending some time since my last post trying to decide what needs doing next and have decided that the suspension is pretty important as the rear suspension is currently shagged so it needs something doing to it. I decided that since I needed to do something to the back I may as well just do the front suspension as well since the roads in a number of the countries I'll be going through leave a lot to be desired. So, what's being done? I hear you ask. The lot I say. So, what's actually…

Matt's 60 mph Adventure: planning started in earnest

planning started in earnest

Winston Churchill once said 'Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential' so I've decided not to have a plan but to start planning. Not sure whether this make sense but if someone like Winston said this then you have to listen, don't you? Anyway, before finding Albert and making the decision to actually drive to Mongolia and back I was looking at routes and going through what other people had done in previous years and decided that Uzbekistan sounded like a good place to visit…

Matt's 60 mph Adventure: The route (Sorted)

The route (Sorted)

Sarah felt that my summary of the route as; south to Iran, turn left and when you get to Russia Mongolia is on the right was a little too vague especially as she was going to be navigating (can't see the problem myself). So bearing in mind that we also wanted was to make sure we take advantage of the trip to see as much as we can, and that we need to have dates for some of the visas, we really do need some idea of when we are going to be crossing into places such as Iran, Russia and of…

Matt's 60 mph Adventure: This Year - Sorted!

This Year - Sorted!

Well, it's that time of the year when we reflect on how this one panned out. For me it was one where certain things that happened this year will have significant impact on the next one. 1. Decided to do something major for my 60th and as a result of being inspired by Ray Funnel, who I met this time in 2013, am now going to drive to Mongolia and back in a classic car. 2. Bought Albert, a 1968 Morris Traveller, to do the drive and showed him off at some car shows before beginning his…

Matt's 60 mph Adventure: Problem #1 - The Russians come through for us!

Problem #1 - The Russians come through for us!

Apologies for the delay between updates but the last couple of months have been pretty hectic with work, Xmas and getting Albert on the road again (not that I was actually doing the work myself). So, if you recall I couldn't cross Russia in the number of days available on a tourist visa and so I was looking at a number of option and those least likely to meet with success were; Find someone who has a friend or relative in Russia who could invite Sarah and I over to visit them and get a…

Matt's 60 mph Adventure: T -3 Months - Now Counting!

T -3 Months - Now Counting!

Firstly I must apologise to all those keen followers of this blog for my lack of activity in the last month or so but much has been happening so let me update you now. So, where to start. Well firstly I have been working in Wales for the last month and this has created some challenges with getting things organised but thankfully much can now be done on line. The Internet rules! OK, what have you done then I hear you ask. Well, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan visas, Iran authorisation code and a…

Matt's 60 mph Adventure: Keeping track of us - Sorted

Keeping track of us - Sorted

As you know dear reader it is not long before Sarah and I embark on our adventure with Albert. To allow any of you with the slightest interest in knowing where we are at any given time a GPS tracker has been obtained and is going to allow near real-time tracking of our progress. The tracker we have gone with is a Spot Gen3 which has an inbuilt GPS tracker that uses the Global GPS satellite system to determine our position which it then sends location information via the commercial satellite…

Matt's 60 mph Adventure: One Year On

One Year On

So, dear reader can you believe it has been a year to the day since I first created this blog and posted about my intention to 'do something different' hence driving to Mongolia and back in Albert the Morris Minor. A lot has happened in the past year; Sarah has signed up as co-adventurer, driver and navigator and has now finished work and is waiting for us to get going. Albert has been pretty much re-built as a specialist overland Morris Minor Traveller and has had a major cosmetic overhaul…

Matt's 60 mph Adventure: Packing - Sorted

Packing - Sorted

So dear reader our departure date is rapidly approaching so over the last couple of weeks I've had some trial runs in packing to see how 'stuff' might fit in to Albert. The main challenges have been to make sure we can take enough essential spares as well as the clothes kindly donated by the residents of Potton in addition to our camping gear and some changes of clothes so we don't smell too much and oh yes my medication of which there's quite a bit! Car bits and bobs Donated clothes and all…

Wood now on and varnished. Windows replaced with a wooden panel

Wood now on and varnished. Windows replaced with a wooden panel