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two men standing next to each other on a field
Arnold Muhren and Ray Wilkins Manchester United FC.....
two men playing soccer on a field with the ball in the air and one man reaching up to catch it
Bryan Robson, Captain Marvel
the soccer team is posing for a photo in front of an empty bleachers
Manchester United 2001/2002
the soccer team is posing for a photo
Manchester United 1995/96
an old black and white photo of the manchester united team
Official Manchester United Website
Football League Division One Champions 1952
an image of the front and back side of a jet plane with many different logos on it
Official Manchester United Website
Infographic: Rooney's United career - Official Manchester United Website
the soccer team is posing for a photo
In pictures: United's Class of 92
Manchester United's youth team in 1992. back row left to right: Raphael Burke, Gary Neville, Simon Davies, John O' Kane, Andy Noone, Nicky Butt and Ben Thornley. Front row: Robbie Savage, David Beckham, George Switzer, Keith Gillespie, Paul Scholes and Chris Casper.
a man in blue soccer uniform running on the field with his foot up to his chest
Manchester United have 'Football Club' restored to badge by Adidas Originals
The badge now reads Manchester United Football Club - if you care to purchase any Adidas originals clothing.
the manchester united team that won the fa cup in 1971, with their manager's name
NFL and Soccer
Manchester United FA Cup 1977
an old photo of the manchester united soccer team
Shoot! 1973
1973/74 Manchester United
a man standing on top of a field next to a soccer ball in front of a crowd
Paul McGrath - MUFC 1983/84
the manchester united team is posing for a group photo
Manchester United 1975-76