Frog sheltering from rain

frog wearing umbrella Photo by Penkdix Palme -- National Geographic Your Shot - A two inch frog shelters itself from the rain in Jember, East Java, in Indonesia.


japanese artist iori tomita transforms the scientific technique of preserving and dying organism specimens into an art form with his series, 'shinsekai [toumei hyouhon]' ('new world transparent specimens').

Photographers stand around a mammoth carcass in Yokohama, Japan

JAPAN, Yokohama : A female baby woolly mammoth named Yuka from the Siberian permafrost is unveiled for the media at an exhibition in Yokohama, suburban Tokyo on July The.


Artist Iori Tomita, who graduated from the Kitasato University School of Fisheries Sciences, creates these incredibly strange specimens of animals, turning all the protein in their bodies transpare…


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