Creative Review - Studio Output's soundwave concert postcards

Studio Output's soundwave concert postcards

Taking soundwaves as a graphic cue, Studio Output has designed a set of colourful postcards to promote a series of upcoming BBC Concert Orchestra events at London& Southbank Centre.

Creative Review - Gradwatch: Corin Kennington

Gradwatch: Corin Kennington

Sooner or later every graphic designer is asked to design a signage for a storefront or general way finding. Here are some awesome signage design inspiration I have been collecting from everywhere.

Marmite ad shot by David Sykes for Adam&EveDDB. A Best in Book winner at CR's 2014 Photography Annual

Unforgettable Marmite ads

Fallon's Sarah Thomson explains why she loved the Marmite Neglect campaign shot by David Sykes for Adam&EveDDB, one of the finest marmite ads

Creative Review - Steve Frykholm, Herman Miller and the Picnic Posters

2 of Steve Frykholm's amazing and playful Picnic Posters for Herman Miller's annual summer employee picnics: LEFT: 1970 Sweet Corn Poster RIGHT: 1983 Ice Cream Cone Poster

Thermo-sensitive black varnish that loses it’s color in response to heat creates a dynamic, ever-changing stationery set

Clever stationery design produced by Austrian studio Bureau Rabensteiner. Using a heat-senstive black varnish, for Vienna-based photo producer Natalie Daniels.

Creative Review - Surrealism at the Polish Film School

We are enjoying these photographs by Pawel Fabjanski, Zuza Slominska, and RunRun this morning. Titled "Powidoki," the series features object.