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I have been looking at a lot of cut and paste art collages and for some reason I think you would like them! So I'm pinning to you 😊 Bianca Gobalesa EDT.

Des couvertures de magazines sur des peintures classiques couverture magazine mode peinture celebre 10

Des couvertures de magazines sur des peintures classiques

Keira Knightley, Interview Russia June/July 2012 + Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer“ mag + art” is a collage series by artist Eisen Bernard Bernardo that superimposes magazine covers on classic works of art.



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A colagem é uma modalidade da arte que proporciona um certo escapismo, tanto para o artista que a idealiza, quanto para o seu público espectador, com emblemas e sinais o artista cria um mundo parti…

As colagens surpreendentes do artista Kin Jin

Aussie Designer Laine Fraser || Crafturday Blog

Cat Girl by Laine Fraser - Designer and Illustrator images collage photography