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Panda huddle

Here is a pic of 4 cute baby pandas drinking water. Here is a group of baby pandas who appear to have bad manners when eating. Here is a large group of cuddly pandas cuddling, sleeping and playing.

Baby Panda

ohmyasian: “ (via Thing Ever.) Baby Girl in Panda Suit. So cute I’m dying…brb. I’m dying from cuteness! This is my future child!

supermarket panda

How to Respond to Any Situation With an Animated GIF

moody panda

"Reflections of black & white ~ sure makes a pretty picture alright!" - not really a panda in water, it's just an effect, like Photoshop


thedailywhat: “ Best Job Ever of the Day: A four-month-old panda cub is being trained for reintroducing into the wild by two Wolong National Nature Reserve researchers in panda suits.