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angelurr: Faces in inanimate objects! - angelurr: “ Faces in inanimate objects!


Things With Faces (Pareidolia) are photographs of objects that resemble the appearance of an animal or face, in a similar vein to Om Nom Nom photoshopped images which involve drawing facial features on inanimate objects.


This cleaning cart offers us another fine example of artificial pareidolia.


When you walk around and look at everything around you, chances are, you may see a face. It may be human, it may be an animal, but sometimes you can see faces in inanimate objects. This is called Pareidolia: Seeing faces in random things!

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Funny pictures about Surprised Barn. Oh, and cool pics about Surprised Barn. Also, Surprised Barn photos.


Pareidolia Craziness: 15 Curious Faces Found In Unexpected Places

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