May I present a Whoodle Puppy. A Wheaten Terrier+Poodle = AMAZE.

This puppy is called a whoodle. He is a wheaton terrier + poodle mix. So cute - looks like a stuffed animal!


I Got My Hair Did - Cute Dog with Poofy Poodle Hairdo - Grooming Fail ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fails Aww sooo cute!

Super Dachshund!

superhero dachshund in a shopping cart. If I ever owned a dachshund I would name him "Edward Longshanks"


Hey, this is MY Lhasapoo, OZZIE! -which is what breed Lucky is. only difference is color

Adele + her dachshund

Adele loves Doxies too! Adele with her dachshund Louie, named for the legendary Louis Armstrong.


It's a school of dachshunds! This is what I want my yard to look like!

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