marshmallow in the middle chocolate cupcakes

Fluffy Sponge cake and it's Amazing

delicious fluffy and baked to perfection sponge cake with cocoa powder. Try baking this with your little one, will be a lot of fun (Fluffy Pancake Without Baking Powder)

Easy chocolate cake

A great recipe for an easy, foolproof chocolate cake. It’s moist and fudgy and will keep well for days (irish recipes for kids)

10 Charts That Will Make You a Better Cook

27 Amazing Charts That Will Turn You Into A Baking Whiz (including GF & vegan cheat sheets)

Simple carrot cake

Carrot Cake IX -- My edits -- I usually add 2 cups carrots, 1 cup raisins (golden or regular) and 1 cup well drained crushed pineapple. Instead of cups oil, use cups applesauce.