The Sausage Shop, by English painter Stanley Spencer (1891-1959). via It's About Time.

'The Sausage Shop' by English painter Stanley Spencer Oil on canvas, 75 x cm. collection: Newport Museum and Art Gallery, England.

Stanley Spencer, (English painter, 1891 – 1959)  It's About Time: Englishmen Working by Stanley Spencer 1891-1959

Stanley Spencer, (English painter, 1891 – It's About Time: Englishmen Working.

Stanley Spencer

Official War Artist, Sir Stanley Spencer, biography and paintings

Stanley Spencer - Shipbuilding on the Clyde: Plumbers

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Sir Stanley Spencer ‘Dinner on the Hotel Lawn’, 1956–7 © Estate of Stanley Spencer

Stanley Spencer Dinner on the Hotel Lawn 1956

Tea in the Hospital Ward - Stanley Spencer

Tea in the Hospital Ward, 1932 - Stanley Spencer