This may look like an alien landscape, but this picture actually shows trees buried under a foot of snow close to the Arctic Circle.

The week in pictures: 20 July 2012

Sentinels of the Arctic, Finland - These sentinels are actually giant trees covered in snow .These sentinels are actually giant trees covered in snow and ice. This strange sight occurs in winter, when temperatures range from to degrees centigrade.

All I want for Christmas is 2 front teeth.


A new book by British zoologist and wildlife photographer Mark Carwardine.

Buller's Albatross


Buller's albatross (Thalassarche bulleri) hey breed on Snares Islands, Solander Island, Chatham Islands (Big and Little Sister and Forty-fours Island), and Three Kings Islands (Rosemary Rock). Adults forage between and from Tasmania to the Chatham Rise.

Lava flows 6 miles into the Pacific Ocean


Hot Shot: Photographer Miles Morgan gets Dangerously close to Lava Flows of Volcano Kilauea in Hawaii to get incredible pictures like this

Star trails & Aurora Borealis

Pictures of the day: 27 March 2012

Star trails and northern lights are captured using a exposure in Fairbanks, Alaska. Photographer Eric Cheng says: I timed our stay in Alaska with the new moon and spring equinox to maximise the chances of dark skies and auror

Floating blue icebergs


Moonlight: An excursion after dark earned photgrapher Ragnar Sigurdsson this serene scene on the Breioamerkurfjara beach, Iceland

This area has been used in 2 James Bond movies


Fortress: Huge walls of ice skirt the Fjallsarlon glacial lagoon in Iceland

Aircraft flies past a crescent moon.

Pictures of the day: 27 March 2012

An aircraft flies past a crescent moon over Nuremberg, Germany

Floating blue iceberg


A blue iceberg floats on the glacier lake, Jökulsárlón

Icebergs & glacier lakes in Iceland


As a Chicago born and bred girl I'd like to see Ice and snow combine in beauty rather than roadside slush. Hyaloclastite formation on Hagafellsjökull glacier

Aurora Borealis from the Isle of Lewis

The Big Picture photography competition: round 198

Sunset at Bronte Beach in Sydney

Pictures of the day: 25 April 2012

NBC Sports - This Week in Sports Pictures: April 23 - 29 CREDIT: Ryan Pierse / Getty Images Catch a wave A surfer jumps off a wave at Bronte Beach on Tuesday, April 24 in Sydney, Australia.

Crevices in ice-flow


Crevices and glacial surges in Sidujokull iceflow